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Алексей Капитанчук
Олексій Капітанчук

Welcome to my home page!

Hello there!

As you may have already guessed my name is Alex Kapitanchuk (or Oleksiy in Ukrainian, official spelling) and this is my own home page. I've decided to write this page in English only in order to avoid making several different language versions, and to make the page accessible to a larger audience.

I suppose I should first tell you a little bit about myself. I was born on the longest day of the year 1976 in Kiev, USSR. After the collapse of the great Soviet Union, my present country, Ukraine, achieved its independence. So I was partially raised and basically live in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev city.

As most of the "Russian" kids of that time, I started going to school on the 1st of September, 1983. Ten years later in June I finished secondary school in Kiev (Lyceum of Physics & Mathematics, #145) and automatically entered the local National University.

I spent my next 4 years at Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University studying experimental and theoretical physics. At that time of my graduation in 1997, the educational system of my country was changed and we (students of my age) were the first in Ukraine to receive a Bachelor's diploma. Two years later in 1999 I completed my Master's degree with honors in the field of theoretical and computational physics.

Then I continued my scientific research on the quantum-chemical modeling of high symmetry molecules (fullerenes and fullerene based structures) at the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of NASU working on my Ph.D. thesis which I successfully defended in 2004.

After that I spent a year doing the research in Paris and, then, a year working in Singapore.
Singapore is a very nice, safe, green, exotic Asian country located very close to the Equator. It has warm oceans and seas along with specific tropical climate: high humidity and quite hot days during the year.

I like to travel around and meet and work with people of different cultures and languages. Due to my research work I have visited many countries. Among them France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy / Vaticano, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia etc. At the moment, my favourite cities are Rome, Paris and Budapest ... although the list will likely change soon. ;-)

And traditionally I will finish my short biography with a few words about my hobbies. However, it is not easy to define and describe them completely. I especially like amazing trips and learning new things. Even after I have finished my studies I do not plan to stop this process... I like soul and relax music and am deeply interested in astronomy, nanotechnology, photography, and history (mainly of Ancient Egypt). I'm a very good swimmer, enjoy WindSurfing, and I would be a liar to claim that I don't surf the Inet. ;-)


Алексей Капитанчук
Олексій Капітанчук
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